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Blue Tree Cafe was founded in 2007 by Chef Sharon Allen, a retired postal worker, who wanted to get back to her happy place. After graduating from the Culinary Program at Sheridan Technical College in South Florida, she was inspired to ​do pop ups for community events, music festivals and farmers markets throughout South Florida. 


Our Story

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Ready to venture into a brick and mortar, Chef Sharon found a building in Historic Sistrunk, the heart and soul of the city and Fort Lauderdale's oldest African American community. However with the pandemic, the idea of a sit down restaurant wasn't ideal. It wasn't until her daughter and vegan influencer, Nika King, suggested that she pivot to a growing restaurant concept called "cloud kitchen." After doing some research, Chef Sharon agreed to move forward with the ideabring and include an incubator for Black and Brown chefs.

Whether you’re looking for plant based meal preps or a kitchen to work on your recipe, this Miami native is here to create a safe space where people can consume and create healthy food. Our Motto is "whole food is soul food".  

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